The New Neon® Advantage

How We Started

In 2016, while producing events for some of the biggest brands, founders Lisa and Tom discovered New Neon® as an affordable medium for businesses to tell their stories through thoughtful and unique designs. This brite idea started in our garage and since then we've made thousands of signs from corporations to start-ups to architects and just about anything you can imagine. It's been a wild ride and we still love sharing a bit of neon joy every day.

Our Team

Behind the scenes, we've got a creative crew that works hard to bring you the very best. From brainstorming wild ideas to making sure every sign is shining just right, we're fueled by passion and powered by teamwork.

Made with ♡ in sunny Florida.


We go the extra mile to ensure that every sign we offer meets the highest standards. From materials to craftsmanship, we want you to experience the best.
Our neons are handcrafted and built to last.


Since the beginning we have been connecting with designers, producers and entrepreneurs. We’ve built a colorful community where we celebrate the bold, the innovative and love of creating in neon.

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